Dues & Fee Schedule:

Initial Membership Contribution: $135,000 ($20,000 Refundable)

Initial Membership Contribution effective April 15, 2018*: $150,000 ($20,000 Refundable)

*Incoming members with an executed Agreement for Sale & Purchase, Membership Application
and application fee delivered by close of business April 15, 2018 and who close on or before July 15, 2018 will not be subject to the increase. Any Membership Application and Agreement for Sale & Purchase received after April 15, 2018 will be subject to an Initial Membership Contribution of $150,000.

Membership Application and copy of Purchase Agreement Required within 10 Days of Contract along with Membership Application Fee of $535

Annual Full Membership Dues $23,178 Monthly Capital Dues (not subject to sales tax) $125 Monthly Restaurant Contribution $325 Monthly Long Range Assessment (not subject to sales tax) $285

*A Long Range Assessment of $285 per month was originally approved by the Membership
in 2012 and is designated for repayment of Club loans acquired for Club Improvement Projects. The assessment continues monthly until all indebtedness is repaid in full in 2030.

Annual Club Access Fee $1,800 Annual Holiday Fund (not subject to sales tax) $200 Annual Food & Beverage Minimum $2,400 Annual Spa Minimum $300


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